We provide a variety of solutions for individuals and small businesses that not only keep you safe, but are also efficient and cost effective!
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Personal alarms

The SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ Alarm is a fully mobile personal alarm for the elderly, which includes a GPS tracker feature. This device provides protection at home and when you are out and about!

It includes a two-way communication talking pendant, call and text alerts when activated, ‘find me’ feature and automatic fall detection. Stay safe with an SureSafeGO alarm, wherever you are!

Discounted rates available for bulk purchases.


Telecom options

In partnership with Huge Telecom, Ido Solutions offers huge savings on your current telephony account.

Simply send us your contact details and upload a copy of your recent telephony account for a free, no obligation quote.

For small businesses, our Fixed Location Wireless Phones are paired with Huge Telecom’s aggressively priced SIM cards, to provide an instant fixed line replacement service, anywhere that a GSM signal is present. Click here for more information.

Our corporate and SME clients can also enjoy Huge Telecom’s wireless full suite telephony service, which provides a complete “fork-lift” replacement for their traditional “telco” fixed line services.  Click here for more information.

Admin services
Ido Solutions offers expert, hands-on advice and support for short- and medium-term projects, including business events and exhibitions.

Business services

Ido Solutions offers company registration packages, including income tax number, assistance with business plans, domain reservations, website etc.

Employee tracking and clocking systems

Ido Solutions offers a range of employee tracking and clocking systems. Contact us for more details.


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